About Me

Born & raised in Chilliwack, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else as I am daily in awe of the beauty and landscape I get to call home. I've always been entrepreneurial at heart, which evidently brought me to the world of Real Estate. I graduated from BCIT's Marketing Management: Professional Sales program in 2019 and shortly after that took a job working in a digital sales agency. Those 4 years gave me an incredible amount of sales and marketing knowledge and applied practice, which has been incredibly relevant and beneficial as a Realtor. My combined love for people, finance, investment, and real estate as a whole, has driven me to become the Realtor I am today! Here are 5 extra pieces of insight about me:

01. Married to Carly!

We have a 1981 VW Vanagon that keeps us busy finding new adventures in the summer, and constantly fixing things (or paying others to do so). We live in Chilliwack and are both self-employed (I'm a realtor and Carly is a wedding/lifestyle photographer). We also recently added Dune to make us a family of 3.

02. Numbers Oriented

Navigating buying and selling real estate can be a very emotional process. Behind the emotion of the deal, the numbers need to make sense, and it's my job to make sure you get THE BEST deal possible. I go deep into the numbers, and ensure that your largest asset works for you.

03. People, Nature, People

I am so energized by working together with others, meeting new people, and ideally doing this in nature! I legitimately care about helping people find and sell great homes and make decisions that benefit the lifestyle and financial situations of those I work with. I'm a big old extrovert, and I can only hope that on top of doing business together, we can make a lasting relationship!

04. Big Sports Guy

Canucks, Seahawks, Scottie Scheffler, Raptors, Mariners, Whitecaps, Roger Federer, Lando Norris/Carlos Sainz, Spikeball, and anything Canadian Olympics. These are my favourites across the sporting world. If you want to talk, play, or watch any of the above - let's talk!

05. Rooted in Faith

I have attended River of Life Church in Greendale for my entire life! I lead worship from the acoustic guitar or keyboard (with some shaky vocals) and live my life with the overlaying purpose of loving God and loving others. I am SO happy to talk about what my faith means to me and why I believe if you ever want to know more :)

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