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Hi there! My Name is Nahum


Let me tell you a few things about me! But first, I'll help you with my name, because it's no normal name. It's pronounced Nay-um. Okay - now that we got that out of the are a few things about me and how I will best serve you as a realtor!



As Chilliwack & the Fraser Valley continues to grow, new apartment buildings are frequent throughout, and offer great opportunity for first-time buyers, those looking for community living, and retires looking to settle down alike!


Living in a townhouse in Chilliwack offers numerous benefits, such as affordability, lower maintenance costs, and a sense of community. Townhouses often come with shared amenities and a tighter-knit neighborhood, providing opportunities for socializing and support.

Detached Homes

Hoping to raise a family, let the dog run in the backyard, or simply give yourself a bit more space and privacy? After living in the Fraser Valley my entire life, I can promise you there is no greater location to call HOME!


Industry Expert

"Nahum has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is polite, knowledgeable, and an expert in the industry! I highly recommend him for your future real estate needs."

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